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Introduction to Facebook

Facebook is a social network website that makes it easy for you connect and share anything anywhere with your family and friends online. On your Facebook page you can share picture, personal information, messages, videos, join groups and add applications

Communication of Facebook

  • Facebook = Create a page, share pictures, messages and videos
  • Facebook = Privacy Controls: you can control who can access your Facebook page
  • Facebook = Share interest, exchange private and public messages and join groups
  • Facebook = Connect with friends and make new friends around the world

What is good things about Facebook?

  • It is a good way of keeping contact with the people you have met for example, past school or people that have moved away
  • You are able to upload photographs and share your memories and fun with others
  • There are games that you can play to keep you entertained
  • It’s less formal than a telephone call and easier for others to access to ask you a simple question
  • You are able to talk to friends on weekends through “Facebook chat” or ask questions about homework, or plans for another day etc.

What is bad things about Facebook?

  • Facebook causes distraction because most of the suicides that are committed by activities on Facebook are mainly teenagers
  • Facebook inhibits thinking because thinking requires concentration. Concentration requires uninterrupted time. Facebook notifications are specifically engineered to interrupt you. They are like viruses that steal attention for their own purposes
  • A lot of problems are caused through Facebook. Facebook works like a drug

Facts about Facebook

  • Facebook was established on February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg He may don’t know that it would rule and entertain this entire world
  • while starting it ,Till now there are many changes in it and achieved many mile stones.
  • At beginning this site is available only for students studying in Harvard University.Later on he managed to extend this wonderful social media site to this entire world.
  • He started this Facebook with the help of his roommates.In 2009 January it is ranked as no.1 among all social media sites available.
  • Facebook employed only 6,337 people directly
  • Facebook has more than 1.87 billion users globally
  • Facebook handles 300 petabytes of daily data, it stores for its active users
  • Users are exposed to 1500 pieces of potential content everyday
  • There 70 different language available for users on Facebook
  • The average person spends between 20-30 minutes viewing their Facebook account
  • By 2010, Facebook became profitable

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